Thursday, May 8, 2014

GoDaddy website builder - Moving up in the digital world!

I am so super excited to have the opportunity to test drive a real live website for a whole year!  Yes...a .com address and everything!  I have played with the idea...but honestly...I am too cheap to jump in and pay for it.  So you can imagine my excitement (and disbelief at first; really) when I received an email from BzzAgent that they were running a GoDaddy website building campaign!  

I of course jumped right in!  This is truly perfect timing for me as I am just starting to try to build my crafting into a business.  I can't wait to see how having a website helps to boost my business and get my information out to the world.

Can you believe it only took me a few hours to get this awesome website created and live to the world?  GoDaddy is so user friendly!  Simply choose a template (ok...that may be the hardest part LOL) and then make it yours using their editing tools that are so easy to use.  I am still making a few tweaks to the website; but that will likely be never ending as there is always room for improvement!  

Check out how easy and fun it is to use GoDaddy website builder here:

Come check out my website here and let me know what you think!  I would love it if you would send me a comment through the website.  Help me test it out and let me know if you have any suggestions!  Eeek!  I am so excited!!!!! #GotItFree

Monday, April 14, 2014

WHEELY excited about spring

I am super excited about this months silhouette challenge project.  This months theme is SPRING and I am so ready for spring to come and stick around for awhile.  I really love how my spring sign turned out and I am also stoked to say that it is for me.  LOL  Most of the projects I make are for others....and I love that too....but it is nice that this little work of art is outside my front door greeting everyone who enters.

My post is a bit long(sorry...I wanted to do a video tutorial but my camera was not cooperating ;( ).....but if you stick around to the end you will find links to more crafty inspiration from all of the other challenge participants.  You have to check out these ladies blogs.....they are creating some amazing projects!  

For my project I was inspired by this post on pinterest:

Materials used:
Bike wheel (rubber and pin from center removed)
Wooden triangles (I picked these up at Michael's)
Washi Paper
Shrink Plastic (I used the Clear version)
Piercing tool (I used a pointy sanding tool)
Alcohol based ink (I used sharpies)
Heat tool
Beads of various sizes
Head Pins
Wire pliers
Strong Adhesive (I used E-6000)
Glue Dots
Spray Sealant

The first thing I did was head out to the shed.  I was on a mission to find a tire that would work.  We had a tiny little bike that my kids are too big for and it was a little bent out of shape anyhow....just waiting for a project like this to come along.  

(We have probably a dozen bikes between our shed and my in-laws shed that my kids have outgrown....I think I need to make a few more of these)  

I had hubby remove the pin from the center of the bike (I tried...really I did...but couldn't figure it out.  Of course he had it pulled in no time!  

I cleaned it up a little but of course; it is a bit rusty....but that just ads to the rustic look of it.  LOVE  

The next step was super fun!  The flowers.  
Guess what....I got my cameo to cut through the clear shrinky dink plastic like BUTTA!!!!!

Here's how:
Here is a link to the flowers I cut out (I did design this in the new DE Update )

Each page I cut is color coded so when you go to which "color/page" you would like to cut.
Select Stencil for the type of material
Change settings to:
Blade - 10
Speed - 2
Thickness - 22
Double Cut (3 times)
( have cut it 6 times)

Look....I didn't have to use my scissors or anythig!  It pulled right off like butta.....BUTTA I TELL YA!!!!!! 
OK.....I will settle down and finish ;)

NOTE: After cutting out many of these on an old mat I noticed that I did cut through my mat with the last one I cut (for the photo op below ;) - just one partial petal cut through. (I think a little packaging tape on the back side will make for a good patch up job....I can get a little more life out of her!)  I don't recommend cutting tons of these as I am pretty sure it will dull your blade quickly and the potential of cutting through your mat is there....but for a special project....GO FOR IT!  

Poke holes in the center of your flowers (you don't need to measure...doesn't have to be perfect)  You know what....I should have just added a hole to my cut file...DUH.......

Using alcohol based ink, color in your flowers.  The color will intensify when you shrink the flowers.  If you want to end up with a lighter colored flower....color it with an even lighter (almost opaque)shade.

Get ready.....this is so fun!  Get your heat tool ready and watch the magic happen.  Don't looks like your flower shrivels up and becomes deformed....keep heating it until the petals open back up.  Once you turn your heat tool off; work quickly to position the leaves to make it look more realistic and not flat and boring (I guess it depends on the project you are going to use them on).

Next you will need some beads and the head pins.  ( I am not a beader and wasn't sure what these were at first...but I hit up Walmart and found a cute set of springy beads and a small package of head pins in the craft/beading section)

Thread a few fun beads on the head pin, add a smaller flower and then a larger one.

Using your pliers make a loop and twist it around a few times.

You can bend the head pin a little to position the flowers center however you like.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how these flowers turned out!

The banner:
I found some wooden triangles at M's and I covered them with some washi paper.  Simple enough!  Threaded some twine through it...knotted the ends....and added some vinyl I cut out using the same file (linked above).
I attached the banner with glue dots.
I adhered the flowers with some E-6000.
Then I sprayed the whole thing with some indoor/outdoor spray sealant (front and back).
(I probably should have sprayed the banner prior to attaching it to the wheel....but it worked.)
And here we new Spring welcome sign.

Want to Check Out More Silhouette Projects?

Sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired!  Below you will find links to more amazing and fabulous "SPRING" inspirational projects all of my Silhouette Challenge friends are sharing on our blogs today.  Remember to stop and leave them some love....your comments feed our creativity and fill our love buckets. ❤  
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ready when you are!

We are so ready for baby Jackson to arrive!  It has been quite awhile since we have had a little one in the family (7 1/2 years to be exact).  I am loving all the crafty things I get to do to help prepare for him!  (My lovely Cameo and I met at the perfect time!)

My SIL pinned this lovely little bag and asked me if I could make the tie:

My reply.....SURE!!!!!!

She wanted a tag to go with it so the nurses know which adorable little baby gave this to them;
 so I thought a little pocket would be the perfect touch.

I created the tie and found this cute little pattern in the design studio fill pattern selection.
I then created the little pocket by making a few adjustments to a basic square.

I cut them out using the print and cut option...simple enough....

A little folding and cutting on the paper bag.....
A little glut dot to hold the tie in place.....
I ran the pockets through the sticker maker and popped them on...
and voila.....

The cutest little gift bags ever!

She is going to fill them with some snacks for the nursing staff (granola bars, gum, etc.)

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Merrymaking!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Sing it with me.....Somewhere over the rainbow.....

My 12 year old daughter Madison is in a local production of The Wizard of Oz; which is one of my all time favorites!  It is a pretty awesome deal and I can't wait to see it tonight.  The production will be completely put on by young people (on and off stage).  They had help of course up until now....but once the curtains open....the adults step back and let the kids take the reigns.  What an amazing opportunity.

I unfortunately was unable to help much over the past couple of months with rehearsals.  But....I was able to throw these goodies together for the bake sale during intermission.  We have some melted witches, some rainbow cupcakes, yellow "bricks", and some brownies.  (All are gluten free except for the cupcakes).  I miss being able to make fun treats since we have been on the gluten free diet.  It takes the fun out of it....but I am coming around and making it work.  I was super nervous and anxious while making the cupcakes in our house.  I could have made them gluten free...but the performances are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and I made them a couple days in advance.  Gluten free cupcakes just don't seem to last more than a few hours.  :(  

I created the tags for the melting witches in design studio.  I figured not everyone would know what they were or if they were even edible. LOL  I cannot find the file for this right now (I hope I saved it).  If I find it I will share it here :)

Madison and I wanted to create a sign as well.  We picked up the wooden sign at M's and she painted it.  Then I used some print and cut vinyl I wanted to test out to create the rainbow and I cut out the words with it as well....just because I wanted the letters to match the rainbow colors.  YIKES!  I am turning into such a picky crafter lately.  LOL

I created the rainbow in Designer studio and if you are interested I have shared the files for this sign here:
There are a number of files for this design. 

 I first printed and cut my rainbows to test out the printable vinyl.  I was then a bit worried I had wasted a whole page of printable vinyl because of the printed registration marks. 
(TIP ALERT) I quickly realized that the registration marks always print in the same spot. continue to use the vinyl to it's fullest potential.....
1.arrange additional print and cut images around images you already printed
2. delete previously printed images
3. DO NOT print the registration marks again (to prevent any possible errors of it not printing exactly where your paper fed into the printer the last time)

For convenience....I created a separate file for printing and cutting.  For the PRINT file I offset all of the letters to help fill in the edges of the letters so I would not have any white edges on the vinyl once it is cut.  Then when you are ready to cut your vinyl use the CUT file.

TIP ALERT: Remember to change your printer settings to high quality photo print when printing on printable vinyl.  I didn't do this the first time and had lines going through my rainbow. :( 

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Merrymaking!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Have you filled a bucket today?

Oh HAPPY day!  My Love bucket has been filled by a fellow blogger:

Thank you so much Glenna and Becky for nominated me and my 'lil ole blog for the Liebster award.  What is a Liebster award you say?  I wondered the same thing.  Liebster is German word  meaning: sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.

The Liebster Award is for small up-and-coming blogs given by other small bloggers.

Make sure to check out Glenna and Becky over at their inspiring blog: My Paper Craze

So you want to know a little about me? Let's get this little Q & A out of the way ;)

1. Why did you decide to start a blog?

I was a blogger a year or so ago but life got in the way and I had very little time to craft. Silhouette Cameo came into my life and I decided that I needed to craft to be happy...content...fulfilled. Crafting is my release and I can feel the difference in my stress level now that I am back to crafting on a regular basis.  :)

2. Is blogging your obsession or your hobby?

Well....I think I would have to say both.  LOL  I may be a little obsessed with the thrill I get from sharing my creations and I have to say that I enjoy how all of my lovely visitors fill my love bucket with each of their comments on my posts.  

And.....I think it goes along with the hobby of crafting to share and who better to give you some productive criticism than your crafty friends?

3. What is your greatest source of inspiration for your blog?

Pinterest and other bloggers are where I find inspiration for new projects.  

4. Do you plan your posts in advance or are you a spur-of-the-moment blogger?

Most of my posts are somewhat planned (in my mind) before I post them.  Then when I have the time I bring the important elements into a draft and fill in the details as the words come to me.  Sometimes it comes together quickly....but other times it takes awhile for the words to come together.  (I am getting picky in my old age...LOL)

5. If you could choose a blog-idol, who would it be?

These questions are hard! LOL  Hmmm.............. There are so many great blogs out there!  I guess right now it would be Clever Someday.  She has amazing tutorials.  I want to be able to offer such amazing and detailed tutorials one day!

6. What do you consider your biggest success so far as a blogger?

I consider it a success anytime I can post something that inspires someone else.  That is why we blog and that is why we visit blogs after all isn't it?  To be inspired?

7. What has been your biggest obstacle?

Time is my biggest obstacle.  But as I said before.  I have become aware of how much creating is a part of me and I feel like I am a better person all around when I take the time to express myself and release some stress by designing and creating.  I am working on making that time and I think that my family reaps the benefits as well of me crafting.

8. Is there anything you would change about your journey into blogging?

I would go back to a year or so ago and make sure that I didn't ever stop crafting (no matter what was going on in my life).  It is just so therapeutic!

9. Do you have any insight to share with those contemplating starting a blog?

Just do it!  Jump right in with both feet!  The more you do it...the easier it will come!  And soon your love bucket will be filling up with comments for your friendly visitors!  The crafting community is so warm and welcoming!  It is a big family in your computer!!!

10. What is your favorite activity (or non-activity) to relax?

BATHS!  I am currently offering child care in my home while my 4 (not-so-little) kiddos are gone to school. Then they come home and the day care kids leave and there is little to no quiet time in my day.  I try to sneak away to a bath every night just to have a little quiet time to relax....but even then....I usually have someone knocking on the door. ( I am sure I will miss these years when they are least that is what I am told.  Haha)

11. What do you envision for your blog in 10 years?

Ooh....I would love to somehow be making a living from my crafts in 10 years (I don't know how this is going to happen yet....but it would be a dream if it I could make it work.)  10 years is a long ways away and so much can happen between now and then....and oh the toys that will be available to us crafters to play with.

11 Random facts about me - hmmm....what do you want to know?

1. I am a mother to 4 amazing kiddos ages 7,10,12, and 14.  (They are getting so big :( )  I was a stay at home mama for about 10 years but when my youngest went to school....I too had to go back to work.  I so miss those SAHM years!

2. We are a gluten free family.  3 of my kids have Celiac Disease (half of our family) so we are pretty much completely gluten free in our home.  

3. We own a carnival.  I married into a family owned carnival business.  My kids are 5th generation.  Please don't get scared off...we don't live up to the "Carney" name that most people think of when they hear that.  We are a very clean and family run show and we pride ourselves in that.  It is a crazy life....but like anything has its pros and cons.  We stay in our state of Wisconsin and our carnival only travels throughout the summer months and then we stay in our homes and get "real" jobs in the winter.  LOL

4. I am a lefty.  That puts me in my right mind right?  ;)

5. I dream of a trip to Bora Bora someday.  Have you seen pics of this place? It is so beautiful! Hubby and I never treated ourselves to a when our kids grow up.....we are SO going on a trip somewhere.  Bora Bora might be out of my reach....but a girl can dream right?

6. I love to sing.  Though not so much in front of strangers.  I was in choir in middle school and high school and now my 12 year old is a little singer herself and I am living a little bit vicariously through her as she spread her wings.

7. I do not drink.  (OK... maybe a wine cooler once a year....if I can finish it.)  I just never found a thrill in it.  Neither hubby or myself drink.  He has never had a drink in his life.  Pretty crazy with us living in Wisconsin. I remember growing dads family basically lived in the taverns.  Just the way of life up in the nort woods. Statistically.....this is good news for our children.  They are less likely to be drinkers as well.

8. My favorite season is the fall.  The colors are beautiful!  The smells are amazing!  The weather is comfortable.  What's not to love?

9. My favorite color is green.

10. I am recently more interested in my appearance.  Maybe it is me gong through a midlife crisis or something.  (Not that I would have been found on one of those crazy walmart clips or anything) But I was always a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal...and still am for the most part....but all these outfit posts on pinterest make me want to go out and find cute outfits.  Slowly I am glamming up a bit...a tiny bit.  ;)

11. I am a list maker.  I make daily to do lists and long term to do lists and I just love the feeling of crossing tasks off as done.  It feels so good to feel like I have accomplished something when usually I have cleaned my house only to turn around to see everything I have done...undone.

Now it is my turn to fill a few buckets!  Make sure to stop by and visit these lovely me fill their buckets with some blog comment love!  I must admit I did not have these ladies and their blogs readily available to share.  Most of the blogs I follow have a large following already.  It was fun to look around and find some newer bloggers with amazing skills that I can now follow and be inspired by.

My fabulous liebster award nominees are:

Eleven Questions for my Eleven Blogs

Now let’s get to know a little more about these amazing bloggers!
  1. Why did you decide to start a blog?
  2. Is blogging your obsession or your hobby?
  3. What is your greatest source of inspiration for your blog?
  4. Do you plan your posts in advance or are you a spur-of-the-moment blogger?
  5. If you could choose a blog-idol, who would it be?
  6. What do you consider your biggest success so far as a blogger?
  7. What has been your biggest obstacle?
  8. Is there anything you would change about your journey into blogging?
  9. Do you have any insight to share with those contemplating starting a blog?
  10. What is your favorite activity (or non-activity) to relax?
  11. What do you envision for your blog in 10 years?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

In This House sign

Happy Merrymaking friends!  Today I am happy to share a sign I recently created for a local benefit.  I am in love with the many signs I am seeing on Pinterest made with pallet slats.  But...until I have the time space AND materials for that....I improvised.  
( was hubbies idea to create the "pallets" layer)  

Here is a brief tutorial:
Floating Frame (I used a 6x12 frame that I picked up at Micheal's BOGO free sale)
Vinyl (I used light gray, dark gray, beige, tan, black, and red)
Lexan or Plexiglass (We got ours for free at our local hardware store - just asked if they had any scraps and they were happy to give us a strip from their bin)

1) Design of course....that takes the most time; but it is the most fun too!  I love designing :) Then finding and choosing fonts ( many to choose from!!!)  and then I designed the "pallets"

2) I matched the placement of the "pallets" with my phrases in the Silhouette Studio. 

3) Cut your vinyl.  Remember to cut words in reverse (AGAIN....FILE IS ALREADY IN REVERSE IMAGE AND READY TO CUT ;) )  There are 5 files for this project.  I created a separate file for each pallet color to keep them organized. 

4) Adhere vinyl to glass.  Using transfer tape; transfer the words to the back side of the front piece of glass.  Then lay that glass underneath the 2nd piece of glass to use as a guide to place your "pallets".  One "pallet" at a time; place them so they cover each phrase.

5) Lay phrases glass on top of "pallets" glass and insert into frame.

6) Have your amazing husband cut a piece of Lexan in the appropriate size.  This is just to stabilize the frame so that it can stand on a table without tipping easily.  It worked perfectly!

What do you think?  I love how it turned out!  If you love it too; you are welcome to download my files for personal use.  If you would love to see more free .studio files; please consider a small donation to support future creative efforts!
(See donate button in side bar - I thank you for your support!)

In This House:

Saturday, March 15, 2014


After seeing a few fellow crafters suggest Bloglovin.....I guess I will give it a try too.  :)

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