Friday, March 28, 2014

Sing it with me.....Somewhere over the rainbow.....

My 12 year old daughter Madison is in a local production of The Wizard of Oz; which is one of my all time favorites!  It is a pretty awesome deal and I can't wait to see it tonight.  The production will be completely put on by young people (on and off stage).  They had help of course up until now....but once the curtains open....the adults step back and let the kids take the reigns.  What an amazing opportunity.

I unfortunately was unable to help much over the past couple of months with rehearsals.  But....I was able to throw these goodies together for the bake sale during intermission.  We have some melted witches, some rainbow cupcakes, yellow "bricks", and some brownies.  (All are gluten free except for the cupcakes).  I miss being able to make fun treats since we have been on the gluten free diet.  It takes the fun out of it....but I am coming around and making it work.  I was super nervous and anxious while making the cupcakes in our house.  I could have made them gluten free...but the performances are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and I made them a couple days in advance.  Gluten free cupcakes just don't seem to last more than a few hours.  :(  

I created the tags for the melting witches in design studio.  I figured not everyone would know what they were or if they were even edible. LOL  I cannot find the file for this right now (I hope I saved it).  If I find it I will share it here :)

Madison and I wanted to create a sign as well.  We picked up the wooden sign at M's and she painted it.  Then I used some print and cut vinyl I wanted to test out to create the rainbow and I cut out the words with it as well....just because I wanted the letters to match the rainbow colors.  YIKES!  I am turning into such a picky crafter lately.  LOL

I created the rainbow in Designer studio and if you are interested I have shared the files for this sign here:
There are a number of files for this design. 

 I first printed and cut my rainbows to test out the printable vinyl.  I was then a bit worried I had wasted a whole page of printable vinyl because of the printed registration marks. 
(TIP ALERT) I quickly realized that the registration marks always print in the same spot. continue to use the vinyl to it's fullest potential.....
1.arrange additional print and cut images around images you already printed
2. delete previously printed images
3. DO NOT print the registration marks again (to prevent any possible errors of it not printing exactly where your paper fed into the printer the last time)

For convenience....I created a separate file for printing and cutting.  For the PRINT file I offset all of the letters to help fill in the edges of the letters so I would not have any white edges on the vinyl once it is cut.  Then when you are ready to cut your vinyl use the CUT file.

TIP ALERT: Remember to change your printer settings to high quality photo print when printing on printable vinyl.  I didn't do this the first time and had lines going through my rainbow. :( 

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Merrymaking!

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